Friday, July 8, 2011

Biggest Vacation Disaster

What was your biggest vacation disaster?


  1. It was like National Lampoon's European Vacation! Went to Spain with my parents, sister and a friend. While in Barcelona, my Dad was pickpocketed on the Mom decided to go after one of the guys---she actually grabbed his jacket and a gun slid across the floor. In the struggle, the guy dropped my Dad's wallet and my sister was able to grab it. However, we lost our passports/airplane tickets. Spent the rest of the day at the Embassy. Then it was to Portugal. Not as bad but the curling iron burned my hair off giving me a not-so-attractive new hair style and my sister spent the night in the bathroom sick as a dog from eating a veal burger! And, last but not least, our rental car was broken into in Majorca and our video camera was stolen, along with some souvenirs. Despite all this, we did have a great time. However, I've decided to spend my other vacations in the good 'ol USA!

  2. Planned a vacation to Galveston with my husband and 7 year-old son. When we checked in the hotel and turned on the TV, a porn channel was on. Walked down to the pier and there was a band playing the NWA song "Cop Killer". Management said they would vet the bands booked for prom parties a little better next time. Walked down on the beach that evening and my son goes into the ocean beside the jettys and he's almost pulled out to sea with the tide (the next day we saw the signs saying DO NOT SWIM BESIDE THE JETTYS). Next morning we get up to walk on the beach and see all the dead fish they haven't bulldozed into big stinking piles yet. Playing on the elevator we stop on the ninth floor to see yellow crime tape and burned door frames - from the other side of the hotel, which extended out over the ocean, you could see the soot stains outside the windows on that floor where there had obviously been a fire. Galveston is not my favorite beach destination.